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What is the recovery period like for male breast enhancement surgery?

Recovering from Male Breast Enhancement

Regardless of the type of procedure the individual is seeking, all male breast enhancement procedures are invasive and will require a significant recovery period. For example, patients can expect to have a significant amount of discomfort in the first 48 hours post-operatively. This pain can be manageable through the use of prescribed pain medications. Patients will also likely be required to wear compression bandages and may have drains installed to keep fluids away from the surgery site, but these bandages and drains are usually removed within the first week after surgery. Most patients feel well enough to return to work after approximately one week and swelling is usually minimal after three to five weeks. However, in some cases swelling may persist for several months, but this amount of swelling is usually minor.

What is involved in male breast augmentation surgery?

Male Breast Augmentation Surgery

Men who are considering male breast augmentation surgery should investigate all of the options available to them before making a decision to undergo the procedure. A plastic surgeon who is experienced with male breast augmentation surgery can provide the patient with a great deal of information about the procedure. However, in general the procedure will involve preparation, anesthesia and the surgical activity. During the preparation phase, the patient will be marked for the location and length of the incisions and the incision sites will be scrubbed thoroughly with an antimicrobial agent. Marking the incision sites will aid the surgeon during the procedure and scrubbing them will help to protect against infection. Common incision locations may include the crease beneath the breast, the area around the nipple, in the armpit or in some cases, the umbilical area.

Anesthesia for a male breast augmentation may be oral or intravenous and may be local or general. A local anesthesia numbs only the site of the surgery, while a general anesthesia puts the patient to sleep completely for the duration of the procedure. Most surgeons and patients opt for a general anesthesia for breast augmentation surgery, but it is possible to perform the procedure under a local anesthesia.

Once the anesthesia has been administered the surgery can begin. This will likely involve placing monitoring pads on the patient to monitor vital statistics during the procedure, following the premarked incision lines to create the incisions, creating a pocket for the saline or silicone gel implant, inserting the implant through the incision and placing the implant in the proper location. The incisions are then closed. This is done either through the use of a specially-designed tissue glue or with staples or sutures.

Is breast enlargement ever desired by men?

When Male Breast Enlargement is Desired

Male breast enlargement procedures are very similar to breast augmentation procedures for men. This type of procedures differs from other male breast enhancement procedures where solid silicone implants are used to improve the size and shape of the pectoral muscles. However, male breast enlargement is a procedure where saline or silicone gel breast implants are ussed to make the breasts appear larger. This procedure is often sought by men living a transgender lifestyle who are seeking a more feminine appearance.

Men wishing to undergo a male breast enlargement procedure are faced with many of the same dilemmas as women who desire a breast enlargement procedure. They may struggle with the ability to pay for an expensive procedure, which is often not covered by health insurance. They also have to consider the psychological impacts. Many women who opt for a breast augmentation procedure believe the results of the procedure will help to correct perceived physical deficiencies and give them more self confidence. Likewise, men who are considering a breast enlargement procedure must assess whether the procedure will produce the desired results both physically and psychologically.

Finally, male breast enlargement patients must carefully consider the recovery period involved in this type of procedure. The patient will likely have a significant amount of discomfort in the first 48 hours after the procedure, but pain medications can help to alleviate this pain. Patients may be able to return to work after approximately one week, but swelling may persist for about three to five weeks or sometimes even longer. For these reasons, patients must be prepared for this recovery period before undergoing any procedure.

What types of male breast implants are available to men seeking breast augmentation?

Types of Male Breast Implants

The types of male breast implants used in a breast enhancement procedure will depend on the intended purpose of the procedure. Men wishing to undergo a transgender procedure, in which implants are used to create a more feminine appearance, have a range of options available in terms of saline and silicone gel implants. These types or implants are the same options available to women who undergo a breast augmentation procedure. This includes saline-filled implants and silicone gel-filled implants. Although most surgeons agree silicone gel filled implants produce the most natural looking results, saline implants are very commonly used because of a longstanding ban on silicone gel implants which was recently partially rescinded. Saline implants are more prone to cosmetic flaws, such as rippling and other contour deformities. However, the filler material used in saline implants is similar to bodily fluids and readily absorbed into the body and excreted in the event of rupture and deflation. Conversely, the filler material in silicone gel implants is much thicker and not likely to leak out excessively in the event of a rupture. This can make detecting a rupture much more difficult. It can also result in the formulation of granulomas which migrate to remote organs in the body and can be difficult to remove.

Men who are seeking a breast enhancement procedure in an effort to create a more muscular appearance will likely use male breast implants which are constructed of solid silicone. This type of implant is commonly used in procedures such as facial implants. The solid silicone gel implant is designed to mimic muscle tissue when placed beneath the existing pectoral muscle.

Are Male Breast Enhancements Similar to Female Breast Enhancements?

Are Male Breast Enhancements Similar to Female Breast Enhancements?

Male breast enhancements may be similar to female breast enhancements or drastically different. This will depend on the purpose of the procedure. For example, a male breast enhancement procedure designed to give the man a feminine appearance and increase the overall size of the breasts will be very similar to a female breast enhancement procedure. During the procedure the man will be anesthetized, one or more small incisions will be made and saline or silicone gel implants of the appropriate size will be placed in the desired location. Males who are undergoing this type of breast enhancement procedure may also want to have some of the breast tissue reshaped and the muscles contoured to create a more feminine appearance.

However, men who are seeking to have male breast enhancement in an effort to improve the size and shape of the pectoral muscles and create a masculine appearance will have a different type of breast enhancement procedure performed. This procedure may also involve anesthesia, incisions and implants. However, the incisions and implants will be different than the ones used in female breast enhancement procedures. Specifically, the size and location of the incisions may vary to accommodate the insertion of a solid silicone gel implant. This implant is typically inserted through an incision in the underarm and placed beneath the pectoral muscle.

Are postoperative visits required for male breast augmentation?

Post-operative Visits for Male Breast Augmentation

Patients undergoing a male breast augmentation procedure will likely be required to attend several post-operative visits so the surgeon can monitor the recovery and evaluate the function of the implants. The first post-operative visit is typically scheduled only a few days after the procedure. During this time, the surgeon will evaluate the recovery and assess the outcome of the surgery. Additionally, if drains were installed to prevent fluids from collecting at the surgery site, these are usually removed at this time. During these visits, the surgeon will not only examine the patient to assess whether the recovery is proceeding as expected, but will also provide the patient with further instructions regarding physical limitations and ways to facilitate the recovery.

The patient may have a number of post-operative appointments during the recovery from male breast augmentation, but once recovery is complete, frequent appointments with the surgeon are not necessary. However, annual examinations are recommended to assess the function of the breast implants. This is especially important for patients who have silicone gel implants inserted because ruptures can be difficult to detect. Silicone gel implant patients are also advised to have an MRI performed approximately three years after the surgery to determine whether there are ruptures in the implant.

What is Male Breast Augmentation?

What is Male Breast Augmentation?

Although breast augmentation is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery for women to undergo, male breast augmentation is significantly less popular. There are two main types of male breast augmentation. One is similar to female breast augmentation and the other is designed to create a more muscular appearance.

Men who engage in alternative lifestyles sometimes desire a breast augmentation procedure which will provide them with breasts similar in appearance to a woman's breasts. Saline or silicone breast implants identical to the ones used in female breast augmentation will be used to create breasts of a larger size. Additionally, the surgeon may perform some reshaping of the existing breast tissue to create a more feminine appearance.

Another type of male breast augmentation is designed to create a more muscular and masculine appearance. This type of procedure typically uses solid silicone implants to enhance the pectoral muscles. Men who have difficulty developing a desired appearance through diet and exercise alone may turn to this type of male breast augmentation to achieve the desired appearance.

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