Post-operative Visits for Male Breast Augmentation

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Are postoperative visits required for male breast augmentation?

Post-operative Visits for Male Breast Augmentation

Patients undergoing a male breast augmentation procedure will likely be required to attend several post-operative visits so the surgeon can monitor the recovery and evaluate the function of the implants. The first post-operative visit is typically scheduled only a few days after the procedure. During this time, the surgeon will evaluate the recovery and assess the outcome of the surgery. Additionally, if drains were installed to prevent fluids from collecting at the surgery site, these are usually removed at this time. During these visits, the surgeon will not only examine the patient to assess whether the recovery is proceeding as expected, but will also provide the patient with further instructions regarding physical limitations and ways to facilitate the recovery.

The patient may have a number of post-operative appointments during the recovery from male breast augmentation, but once recovery is complete, frequent appointments with the surgeon are not necessary. However, annual examinations are recommended to assess the function of the breast implants. This is especially important for patients who have silicone gel implants inserted because ruptures can be difficult to detect. Silicone gel implant patients are also advised to have an MRI performed approximately three years after the surgery to determine whether there are ruptures in the implant.



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