Types of Male Breast Implants

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What types of male breast implants are available to men seeking breast augmentation?

Types of Male Breast Implants

The types of male breast implants used in a breast enhancement procedure will depend on the intended purpose of the procedure. Men wishing to undergo a transgender procedure, in which implants are used to create a more feminine appearance, have a range of options available in terms of saline and silicone gel implants. These types or implants are the same options available to women who undergo a breast augmentation procedure. This includes saline-filled implants and silicone gel-filled implants. Although most surgeons agree silicone gel filled implants produce the most natural looking results, saline implants are very commonly used because of a longstanding ban on silicone gel implants which was recently partially rescinded. Saline implants are more prone to cosmetic flaws, such as rippling and other contour deformities. However, the filler material used in saline implants is similar to bodily fluids and readily absorbed into the body and excreted in the event of rupture and deflation. Conversely, the filler material in silicone gel implants is much thicker and not likely to leak out excessively in the event of a rupture. This can make detecting a rupture much more difficult. It can also result in the formulation of granulomas which migrate to remote organs in the body and can be difficult to remove.

Men who are seeking a breast enhancement procedure in an effort to create a more muscular appearance will likely use male breast implants which are constructed of solid silicone. This type of implant is commonly used in procedures such as facial implants. The solid silicone gel implant is designed to mimic muscle tissue when placed beneath the existing pectoral muscle.



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