Are Male Breast Enhancements Similar to Female Breast Enhancements?

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Are Male Breast Enhancements Similar to Female Breast Enhancements?

Are Male Breast Enhancements Similar to Female Breast Enhancements?

Male breast enhancements may be similar to female breast enhancements or drastically different. This will depend on the purpose of the procedure. For example, a male breast enhancement procedure designed to give the man a feminine appearance and increase the overall size of the breasts will be very similar to a female breast enhancement procedure. During the procedure the man will be anesthetized, one or more small incisions will be made and saline or silicone gel implants of the appropriate size will be placed in the desired location. Males who are undergoing this type of breast enhancement procedure may also want to have some of the breast tissue reshaped and the muscles contoured to create a more feminine appearance.

However, men who are seeking to have male breast enhancement in an effort to improve the size and shape of the pectoral muscles and create a masculine appearance will have a different type of breast enhancement procedure performed. This procedure may also involve anesthesia, incisions and implants. However, the incisions and implants will be different than the ones used in female breast enhancement procedures. Specifically, the size and location of the incisions may vary to accommodate the insertion of a solid silicone gel implant. This implant is typically inserted through an incision in the underarm and placed beneath the pectoral muscle.



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