When Male Breast Enlargement is Desired

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Is breast enlargement ever desired by men?

When Male Breast Enlargement is Desired

Male breast enlargement procedures are very similar to breast augmentation procedures for men. This type of procedures differs from other male breast enhancement procedures where solid silicone implants are used to improve the size and shape of the pectoral muscles. However, male breast enlargement is a procedure where saline or silicone gel breast implants are ussed to make the breasts appear larger. This procedure is often sought by men living a transgender lifestyle who are seeking a more feminine appearance.

Men wishing to undergo a male breast enlargement procedure are faced with many of the same dilemmas as women who desire a breast enlargement procedure. They may struggle with the ability to pay for an expensive procedure, which is often not covered by health insurance. They also have to consider the psychological impacts. Many women who opt for a breast augmentation procedure believe the results of the procedure will help to correct perceived physical deficiencies and give them more self confidence. Likewise, men who are considering a breast enlargement procedure must assess whether the procedure will produce the desired results both physically and psychologically.

Finally, male breast enlargement patients must carefully consider the recovery period involved in this type of procedure. The patient will likely have a significant amount of discomfort in the first 48 hours after the procedure, but pain medications can help to alleviate this pain. Patients may be able to return to work after approximately one week, but swelling may persist for about three to five weeks or sometimes even longer. For these reasons, patients must be prepared for this recovery period before undergoing any procedure.



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