Male Breast Augmentation Surgery

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What is involved in male breast augmentation surgery?

Male Breast Augmentation Surgery

Men who are considering male breast augmentation surgery should investigate all of the options available to them before making a decision to undergo the procedure. A plastic surgeon who is experienced with male breast augmentation surgery can provide the patient with a great deal of information about the procedure. However, in general the procedure will involve preparation, anesthesia and the surgical activity. During the preparation phase, the patient will be marked for the location and length of the incisions and the incision sites will be scrubbed thoroughly with an antimicrobial agent. Marking the incision sites will aid the surgeon during the procedure and scrubbing them will help to protect against infection. Common incision locations may include the crease beneath the breast, the area around the nipple, in the armpit or in some cases, the umbilical area.

Anesthesia for a male breast augmentation may be oral or intravenous and may be local or general. A local anesthesia numbs only the site of the surgery, while a general anesthesia puts the patient to sleep completely for the duration of the procedure. Most surgeons and patients opt for a general anesthesia for breast augmentation surgery, but it is possible to perform the procedure under a local anesthesia.

Once the anesthesia has been administered the surgery can begin. This will likely involve placing monitoring pads on the patient to monitor vital statistics during the procedure, following the premarked incision lines to create the incisions, creating a pocket for the saline or silicone gel implant, inserting the implant through the incision and placing the implant in the proper location. The incisions are then closed. This is done either through the use of a specially-designed tissue glue or with staples or sutures.



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