Having Surgery for Breast Implant Removal

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What do I do if I want to have my breast implants removed?

Having Surgery for Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure in which breast implants that were previously implanted are removed from the body. The reason for breast implant removal may be medical or personal. However, it is important for all breast augmentation patients to realize that the removal of breast implants is a surgical procedure. This should be carefully considered when deciding whether or not to undergo the original procedure. The surgery to remove the implant will likely involve one or more incisions, removal of the implant and possibly removal of some of the surrounding breast tissue, as well.

Patients who are having surgery for breast implant removal should carefully consider the surgeon they select for the procedure. This is especially important if the implants are being removed for medical reasons. In selecting a surgeon the patients should seek out a surgeon who has a great deal of successful experience with breast implant removal surgeries. Asking to see before and after pictures of previous breast implant removal patients and asking for references will help the patient to make a well informed decision.



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