The Costs Associated with Saline Implants

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The Costs Associated with Saline Implants Tip: While the price range of $3,000 to $6,000 may be appropriate for an initial breast augmentation procedure involving the use of saline implants, patients should consider other long-term costs when deciding whether or not to undergo the breast augmentation surgery. The patient should understand that breast augmentation is not a permanent surgery and over time the saline implants may rupture and deflate due to not filling the implants correctly, trauma from an accident the overzealousness of a mammography technician and even normal wear and tear. In these cases, removal of the existing saline implants and, if desired, placement of a new implant will be required. Over time the skin may begin to lose elasticity and fat tissue in the breasts may diminish causing sagging. In these cases, additional procedures, like a breast lift, may be required to help the breasts maintain a youthful appearance. Patients should consider the potential for the need for these additional procedures in the future when evaluating the costs associated with saline implants.



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