Seeking Plastic Surgeon Recommendations

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Where can I find plastic surgeon recommendations?

Seeking Plastic Surgeon Recommendations

Patients who are considering undergoing a cosmetic surgery should seek out plastic surgeon recommendations when beginning the process of selecting a qualified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Two popular options for obtaining recommendations include asking friends or family members who have had the desired procedure performed or contacting a referral service for information on qualified plastic surgeons.

The method of seeking out plastic surgeon recommendations from a trusted friend or family member is one of the most popular options for patients who are considering plastic surgery. This method is ideal because the patient may already have a good indication of whether they think the surgeon is skilled based on the results the friend or family member was able to achieve. This method is also good because the patient can learn a great deal about whether or not the previous patient felt comfortable with the surgeon. In general, if the previous patient would likely return to the same surgeon for a repeat procedure, it is a good indication that the surgeon is worth investigating further.

Another option is using a professional referral service. For example, a patient may visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Web site to obtain a list of plastic surgeons in the patient's area that are performing the desired procedure. The ASPS Web site allows the patient to search through the database of surgeons by using criteria such as surgeon's name, location or type of procedure. This type of referral service will provide information on any surgeon who is registered as a member of the ASPS and is capable of performing a specific type of procedure. While the ASPS does have strict guidelines for membership, they do not guarantee the skill level of the surgeon before admitting the surgeon into the society. Therefore, the patient may want to do additional research before selecting a surgeon listed in this database.



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