Researching Breast Augmentation Surgeons

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How can I do research on potential breast augmentation surgeons?

Researching Breast Augmentation Surgeons

There are a number of different ways a patient can do research on potential breast augmentation surgeons. This type of research is important because it can help a patient avoid being deceived by breast augmentation surgeons who are not well qualified to perform the procedure and embellish their qualifications.

The American Medical Association (AMA) Web site is one useful tool for patients who are researching potential breast augmentation surgeons. Through this Web site, the patient can obtain valuable information such as the medical school attended by the surgeon, the year of graduation, the location of residency training, certifications, hospitals in which the doctor has admitting privileges, professional achievements and awards and other significant professional activities. While the information on the AMA Web site may not be 100 percent accurate and up-to-date, it is certainly an excellent place to begin researching breast augmentation surgeons.

Verifying whether a surgeon has admitting privileges at a particular hospital is also very important in researching surgeons. The AMA Web site may provide this information, but patients should call the hospitals directly to verify this information. This is important because procedures which are performed in the surgeon's office may require hospital admittance if something goes wrong during the procedure.

Resources, such as the clerk of the county court, the state's Department of Insurance and the state's medical board, can provide you with information regarding malpractice suits against a particular surgeon. This information is relevant because a surgeon with a large number of malpractice suits may not be an ideal candidate to perform the surgery.

The Federation of State Medical Examiners can also be useful for patients who are researching breast augmentation surgeons. For a fee, this organization can provide the patient with information regarding disciplinary actions taken against a particular surgeon. The information will include the type of disciplinary action taken, the reason for the action and the date the action was taken.



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