Qualified Breast Implant Surgeons

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How do I know if a breast implant surgeon is qualified to perform the procedure?

Qualified Breast Implant Surgeons

Patients who are considering breast augmentation surgery are often extremely concerned about finding qualified breast implant surgeons. Fortunately, for patients who are apprehensive about selecting a breast implant surgeon, there are a few criteria which can make the selection process significantly easier.

Breast implant surgeons who are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) are a good starting point for patients trying to select a surgeon. The ASPS does much of the research for the patient in verifying certain information before accepting the surgeon as a member. For example, members must have graduated from an accredited medical school, received a certain amount of training specifically in plastic surgery, adhere to strict ethical codes and participate in continuing education programs. Breast implant surgeons who meet these criteria are likely well qualified to perform a breast augmentation surgeon.



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