Saving for the Cost of a Breast Augmentation Procedure

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How can I save money for a breast augmentation procedure?

Saving for the Cost of a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Patients who are considering a breast augmentation procedure may be daunted by the cost of the procedure. Breast augmentation costs can range from approximately $3,000 to $6,000. For patients who do not have this amount of money saved and who do not wish to finance the surgery should consider saving money to cover the cost.

The first step in saving for a breast augmentation surgery involves determining the cost of the procedure. The patient may wish to attend an initial consultation with one or more local plastic surgeons to gauge the approximate cost they can expect to pay for the procedure. It's wise to save a small amount of money beyond the required amount in case the cost of the procedure increases during the time the patient is saving for the cost of breast augmentation surgery.

Once the patient knows how much they have to save, they should determine how quickly they would like to accrue this much savings. This will help to determine how much the patient has to save each month to reach the goal. For example, if the patient wishes to save $6000 for the procedure and would like to be able to afford the breast augmentation in one year, they will need to save $500 per month to achieve the goal.

After this monthly goal is established, the patient must look at their current finances to determine where spending can be minimized. For example, the patient may be able to bundle services such as cable, Internet and long distance to reduce their monthly payments. Other savings options include finding a more affordable cell phone plan, eating out less often and making coffee at home instead of buying coffee at expensive coffee shops. These are just a few of the ways a patient can save for the cost of breast augmentation surgery.



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