Breast Reduction Costs Covered by Insurance

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Is breast reduction surgery covered by insurance?

Breast Reduction Costs Covered by Insurance

Unlike breast augmentation surgeries which are rarely covered by health insurance, a breast reduction surgery, or mammaplasty, may be covered by health insurance in some instances. The breast reduction costs may be covered if the patient is able to provide documents which prove the current size of the breasts is causing back, neck or shoulder pain and that the breast reduction surgery will alleviate these feelings of discomfort. While breast reduction cost may be covered in these instances, it's unlikely health insurance will cover the cost of a breast reduction procedure if the surgery is being performed solely for cosmetic reasons.

While not all insurance companies consider breast reduction costs to be a covered expense, there are some who will cover these expenses when the size of the breasts is causing discomfort or possibly even restricting the patient from certain activities. Patients who are considering breast reduction surgery should contact their insurance provider. This will give the patient an accurate understanding of whether all of the costs, none of the costs or some of the costs will be covered by insurance. Patients who are experiencing a great deal of discomfort, but don't have the right insurance coverage may have to find other ways to finance the procedure to alleviate the problem.



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