Taking Time to Make your Breast Augmentation Decision

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How can I avoid rushing into the decision to undergo breast augmentation?

Taking Time to Make your Breast Augmentation Decision

Patients who are considering breast augmentation should carefully consider all of their options and should research the procedure extensively before making a decision. This is extremely important because breast augmentation is a serious surgical procedure that involves a rather extensive recovery procedure and may require additional surgical procedures in the future to either correct surgical errors or maintain the appearance of the breasts.

Consulting with one or more breast augmentation surgeons is a very important step in the decision-making process. This is important because the surgeons will likely provide the most useful information about the procedure and the recovery period. The surgeons can also provide information on the types of results the patient can expect to receive and will likely be able to provide before-and-after photos which can help the patient evaluate the skill and experience of the surgeon.

The consultation with a breast augmentation surgeon is also important because the surgeon can examine the patient to determine whether the patient is an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. This can have a significant impact on the decision, especially if the surgeon determines it is not likely the patient will achieve the desired results or is not an ideal candidate for the procedure. However, if the patient confirms the patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure, it can validate the patient's desire to have the procedure performed.

Joining a breast augmentation forum on the Internet can also be very helpful for patients who are trying to decide whether to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Patients can communicate with others who are considering the procedure and with those who have already completed the procedure and may be in the process of recovering or may already be fully recovered. This type of information can be very useful because it gives the patient the opportunity to ask those who have been through the procedure about the pain during the recovery process and the satisfaction with the results.

Patients who are considering breast augmentation surgery may also seek out statistical information which might be useful in the decision making process. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons publishes statistics annually on the type of cosmetic procedures performed during the previous year. Patients may find information they consider useful such as the types of procedures being performed, the percentage of procedures performed for a particular age or ethnic group, the most popular procedures and the rise or decrease in a particular procedure from one year to the next.



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