Living with Uneven Breasts

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Is breast surgery the only option for uneven breasts?

Living with Uneven Breasts

Patients who opt out of having a breast surgery to correct uneven breasts have some options available to them. This may include patients who developed breasts which were asymmetrical and patients who lost a significant amount of breast tissue during a mastectomy to eliminate cancerous cells. While in both cases the patient may opt to undergo a surgical procedure to produce breasts which are symmetrical, patients who opt to forgo these types of procedures may use clothing to mask the asymmetry.

Mastectomy bras can be used when breasts are asymmetrical in size. Mastectomy bras are designed for either bilateral mastectomies or mastectomies of only one breast. These specially-designed bras have a pocket where an insert can be placed to create the appearance of a larger breast. For women who are embarrassed by breast asymmetry, but do not want to undergo surgery, this can be an ideal option to boost self esteem. It is also a viable option for cancer patients who are not eligible for breast reconstruction surgery for reasons like the need for additional cancer treatments, obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. In these cases, the patient may not be able to have reconstruction surgery until the other health concerns are addressed. However, in the meantime, garments such as mastectomy bras can help to make them feel less embarrassed about their appearance.

Still, other patients may opt to make no special attempt to mask their breast asymmetry. For these patients, uneven breasts may not be a source of embarrassment or cause a loss in self esteem. These patients may continue to live happy and fulfilling lives despite the breast asymmetry.



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