When Breast Surgery Causes Uneven Breasts

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Can breast surgery result in uneven breasts?

When Breast Surgery Causes Uneven Breasts

Uneven breasts can result from various types of breast surgery. Procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and even breast reconstruction can all result in breasts which are asymmetrical in either size or shape. The asymmetry may be a result of errors in judgment by the surgeon, swelling which does not subside, changes in hormones or even capsular contracture. Regardless of the cause of the uneven breasts, many patients may opt to undergo additional types of breast surgery to create more symmetrical breasts. For example, in the case of a breast reduction, the results of the procedure may be that one breast remains noticeably larger than the other. In this case, the patient may opt to undergo an additional breast reduction to make the larger breast smaller or may opt to have an implant placed in the smaller breast to make the smaller breast match the larger one.

Other procedures such as breast lifts and breast augmentations may also result in breast asymmetry. When this occurs the patient can discuss the options with the surgeon to determine which additional procedures will be most beneficial. However, patients who are hoping to avoid the need for additional surgeries should seek out a qualified surgeon with a great deal of experience in performing breast surgeries. This will help to minimize the possibility of surgeon error leading to the need for additional surgeries to correct asymmetry.

The need for additional breast surgeries to correct uneven breasts may be evident as soon as the swelling from the first procedure subsides. However, in other cases, the patient may not need additional surgeries right away but may find breast asymmetry develops within the first three years after the initial procedure.



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