Undergoing Breast Surgery to Improve Breast Asymmetry

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What types of breast surgery is available to improve breast asymmetry?

Undergoing Breast Surgery to Improve Breast Asymmetry

There are a number of different options available to patients who wish to undergo a breast surgery to improve breast asymmetry. These breast surgery options are available to both men and women, as applicable. In general, there are two options available for correcting breast asymmetry which involves breasts of different sizes. The patient may choose to have the larger breast reduced or to have the smaller breast augmented. The patient should make this decision based on personal preference and input from the surgeon regarding which breast size would be more proportional to the body. For example, the surgeon may advise the patient that augmenting the smaller breast to the size of the larger breast is not recommended because the larger breasts may result in back, neck or shoulder pain in the future. In this case, a breast reduction of the larger breast would be recommended and a breast lift may also be required as fat or breast tissue is removed from the larger breast. However, if the larger breast is proportional to the frame of the body it might be worthwhile to use a silicone or saline implant to augment the smaller breast and create symmetry.

Another asymmetry problem is the sagging of one breast, while the other breast remains significantly higher than the other. The breast surgery which may be most beneficial is a breast lift procedure to lift the sagging breast to a more youthful and natural position. If the breasts are relatively the same size and the sagging of one breast is the only difference, a simple breast lift procedure should help to create symmetry of the breasts.

There are still other breast surgery options available for patients who have other asymmetry problems, such as uneven nipples or breasts which are shaped differently. In these cases, a breast surgery to relocate one or both of the nipples or a surgery to change the shape of one or both of the breasts may be required to achieve the desired level of symmetry.



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