Cosmetic Surgery to Correct Uneven Nipples

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Can cosmetic surgery be used to correct uneven nipples?

Cosmetic Surgery to Correct Uneven Nipples

Most people realize breast asymmetry includes situations where the breasts are drastically different in size. However, breast asymmetry may also include situations such as uneven nipples or shape of the breasts differing. One study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicated surgical procedures designed to correct breast asymmetry can result in a significant increase in self esteem for women who suffer from breast asymmetry.

Women who have uneven nipples may feel self conscious about their appearance and may find selecting clothing to attempt to mask the condition to be frustrating. Additionally, they may be uncomfortable wearing form fitting clothing, such as a bathing suit ,or changing their clothes in a gym locker room or other communal location for women. Fortunately, there are surgical procedures which can help to correct uneven nipples. These procedures can be performed to relocate one or both of the nipples or to change the size and the shape of the nipple and areola. Typically, there is a short recovery period following the surgery but most women report a remarked sense of relief and a boost in self confidence once they have fully healed from the procedure.



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