When Uneven Breast Size Causes Problems

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Is uneven breast size a problem?

When Uneven Breast Size Causes Problems

Most women have breasts which are slightly different in size. However, when one breast is significantly larger or smaller than the other, it may cause problems and the patient may opt to undergo a surgical procedure to make the breasts more even in size. Uneven breast size, which is noticeable by the patient but not likely detectable by others, is usually not a cause for concern. However, when the uneven breast size is obvious to others, such as in a case when there is a difference of a cup size or more, the patient may begin to feel self conscious about her appearance. This can lead to a pronounced lack of self esteem.

Patients who are considering correcting the asymmetry of the breasts may do so by either undergoing a breast augmentation procedure or a breast reduction procedure. In the case of an augmentation, the smaller breast will be enhanced, while a reduction will involve removing fat or breast tissue from the larger breast. The patient will have to make the decision to undergo an augmentation or a reduction and will likely make the choice based on which breast size is proportional to the body. Whichever option the patient chooses, it is wise to wait until breast development is complete before undergoing a surgical procedure to make the breasts more evenly sized.

Patients who have breasts which are normally symmetrical and become asymmetrical should consult their doctor as changes in breast size could be a symptom of a more serious condition. Changes in breast size may result from a number of different causes such as breast feeding, hormonal changes or the presence of noncancerous cells. However, a noticeable change in breast size can also indicate the presence of breast cancer.



3/2/2009 8:21:18 PM
renee said:

hi, my name is renee and i have uneven breasts. I'm considering having plastic surgery to fix this problem both because i believe the uneven-ness in my breasts which are large as it is is giving me serious back and neck pains and also it is very embarrassing. I was wondering if anyone on this site knew if this is something that could be covered by insurance or if this is considered strictly cosmetic?


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