Is Scarless Breast Reduction Possible?

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Is scarless breast reduction possible?

Is Scarless Breast Reduction Possible?

The term scarless breast reduction is somewhat misleading. It is not possible to perform a breast reduction procedure without scars but new techniques make it possible to complete the breast reduction surgery with only minimal scarring. This is accomplished by performing the procedure as a liposuction. In general the scarring which results from a scarless breast reduction will be located in the crease beneath the breast and will be approximately ¼” long. This minimal amount of scarring is appealing to many patients but there are some drawbacks to this type of procedure.

The most significant drawbacks to a scarless breast reduction are the procedure does not include a lift of the breasts, areolas or nipples and does not allow for reshaping of the breasts. During a scarless breast reduction, fat is simply removed from the breasts to create breasts which are smaller in size. For this reason, scarless breast reduction surgery may not be ideal for women who require reshaping of the remaining breast tissue or a breast lift in conjunction with the reduction surgery.



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