Deciding to Undergo Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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How do I know if breast reconstruction surgery is a good option for me?

Deciding to Undergo Breast Reconstruction Surgery

For women who undergo a mastectomy and have a substantial amount of breast tissue or for women who lose a significant amount of breast tissue in an accident, deciding whether or not to undergo breast reconstruction surgery is one of the very important decisions they face. In most mastectomy cases, as long as it is believed the mastectomy has removed all of the cancerous cells, it is usually safe for the patient to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery. However, it is a matter of personal preference for the patient to decide whether or not to undergo this additional procedure.

Some patients are adamant about having a breast reconstruction surgery for a number of different reasons. They may feel as though the mastectomy has left them incomplete or unattractive and they seek out a reconstructive surgery to regain their self confidence. Patients may also be embarrassed about the lack of breast tissue and may wish to have the breast surgically reconstructed to avoid these feelings. Still other patients may wish to undergo a reconstructive breast surgery as a way of putting the battle with cancer or the accident behind them. All of these reasons are valid as are any other reasons which help the patient to feel confident and self assured.

Still other patients may opt to forgo a breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy. Some patients may feel as though the additional procedure is not necessary because clothing such as specially designed bras containing padded inserts can be used to mask the lack of natural breast tissue. Others may choose to skip the reconstruction surgery because they feel as though their appearance is a symbol of overcoming the disease. Again, any and all reasons for opting not to have breast reconstruction surgery are valid.



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