Common Scenarios Requiring Breast Reconstruction

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What is breast reconstruction?

Common Scenarios Requiring Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is essentially a surgical procedure in which a breast which has been removed or damaged is reconstructed. Breast reconstruction is common in breast cancer patients who require a mastectomy to eliminate the cancer cells. Additionally, breast reconstruction may be useful in the result of serious accidents which result in a distortion of the breasts.

A mastectomy may be necessary in one or both breasts of cancer patients. This procedure involves the removal of the breast tissue affected by cancer. In many cases the breast reconstruction surgery may take place at the same time as the mastectomy. However, in some cases the patient may not be able to have the breast reconstruction until a later date. This is common when there are medical conditions such as obesity or high blood pressure which make the reconstruction surgery risky. Additionally, patients may opt to wait to have the reconstructive procedure to focus exclusively on the cancer treatment first before making decisions regarding breast reconstruction surgery.

Accident victims as well as crime victims may also require breast reconstruction surgery. Any type of accident or crime which results in significant damage to the breast tissue may make a woman a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery. In these cases the surgeon will examine the tissue carefully to assess the need for reconstruction as well as the potential for the surgery to be successful. Based on this information the patient can make an informed decision regarding whether or not to undergo the procedure.



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