Understanding the Need for Breast Implant Revision

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When is breast implant revision necessary?

Understanding the Need for Breast Implant Revision

There are a number of factors which may contribute to the need for breast implant revision. Breast implant revision is essentially a surgical procedure which is designed to improve the appearance of a previous breast augmentation procedure or to correct problems which could lead to medical complications. It may include replacing the implant itself, removing the implant and the surrounding tissue in the event of capsular contracture, relocating the implant to another location or lifting the skin surrounding the breast.

In the event of capsular contracture, the tissue surrounding the breast implant contracts and squeezes the implant. This results in a distorted appearance and pain from the implant becoming more dense. At this point, it's usually necessary to remove the implant and the surrounding tissue during the implant revision.

Problems like asymmetry or other issues related to the physical appearance of the breast implants might also necessitate a breast implant revision. In these cases, the surgeon may relocate one or both of the implants to another location in the breast to create a more natural and symmetrical appearance.

Some breast implant revisions are designed to remove and replace the existing implant. The patient may wish to have a silicone implant replaced with a saline implant or may wish to have the existing implant replaced with an implant of another size. In either case, a breast implant revision is required to create the ideal situation.



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