The Potential for Plastic Surgery Complications

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What are a few potential plastic surgery complications?

The Potential for Plastic Surgery Complications

As with any type of plastic surgery, there is always the potential for complications during breast-related procedures. Complications resulting from a breast procedure can range from general dissatisfaction with the results to breast implant deflation or even health-related complications.

Capsular contracture is one of the complications which may result during plastic surgery. In this condition, the tissue surrounding the implant reacts to the implant by squeezing it. When this occurs, the implant may become more compact and the shape may be altered. This can be quite painful and may also result in an undesired effect.

The risk of infection also exists during plastic surgery. In procedures such as breast augmentation, less than 2 percent of all patients suffer from an infection post-operatively, but the risk always exists. Carefully cleansing proposed incision sites with antibacterial soap can help to reduce the risk of infection.

Patients can also help to minimize the risk of complications by discussing their desired outcome with the surgeon before the procedure and asking to see before-and-after pictures of procedures the surgeon has completed in the past. This will help to ensure the patient and the surgeon are in agreement about the desired appearance.



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