Selecting a Proper Fitting Breast Augmentation Bra

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Will I need to wear a special bra after my breast augmentation procedure?

Selecting a Proper Fitting Breast Augmentation Bra

Most patients recovering from a breast augmentation procedure are heavily bandaged immediately after the surgery. After the bandages are removed, your surgeon will likely recommend you wear a breast augmentation bra during the recovery period. This is essentially a compression garment which will help keep the newly augmented breasts from moving too much while the patient is still recovering. This is important because excess movement can cause unnecessary pain, as well as a slower recovery period.

In most cases, the surgeon will supply an appropriately-sized breast augmentation bra for the patient to wear during the recovery period. The breast augmentation bra will be made to fit the new breast size accordingly. This may include a size slightly larger than the desired breast size to accommodate the swelling, which is common in the first three to five weeks after surgery. The patient should realize that these specially-designed breast augmentation bras should not only be larger in size than the bras the patient previously wore, but should also be more restrictive to facilitate the healing process.



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