Using Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures

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Why should I ask my surgeon for before and after pictures of past clients?

Using Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures

Asking to see breast augmentation before and after pictures is a crucial in selecting a breast augmentation surgeon. Many patients mistakenly skip this step because they do not realize how important it is to view pictures of previous clients. In examining these pictures, the patient can see the types of scars which are left by this particular surgeon, as well as the size and location of the scars.

The patient can also use these pictures to determine whether the surgeon produces results that are very similar to the results they are seeking. For some patients this may be a very natural look, while others may be looking for a different style or shape. Regardless of the style, it is important to seek out a plastic surgeon that has a proven track record of producing good results and the best way to determine this is through examining breast augmentation before and after pictures.



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